Simple and affordable hosting for web agencies

By providing a combination of flexible compute layers with low pricing, we empower you to create more powerful websites and applications for your clients at a lower cost than other cloud providers.

Why do agencies choose DigitalOcean?


Flexible hosting options

No matter the project or client, our compute options give you the flexibility an agency needs to handle different client requests. Whether you are looking to host hundreds of small websites or build a complicated application, we have you covered at a lower cost than other cloud providers.


Predictable pricing

Save your clients money without sacrificing reliability or security. We have industry-leading price-performance, which allows you to build incredible work for your clients while keeping their budget focused on what matters most to them.   

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Create any kind of website or project your client needs – on the developer cloud

While your architecture will look different depending on the type of project you are working on, we wanted to showcase the types of DigitalOcean products that agencies use to power their client work.


Flexible compute

Choose from our low-cost Basic Droplets – perfect for experimenting – or our dedicated CPU Droplets, including CPU-Optimized and General Purpose Droplets. We also have Memory-Optimized Droplets for client projects that require dedicated compute power.

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Automate your infrastructure

open quoteLife before DigitalOcean was a very manual process to set up servers. Life with DigitalOcean gets rids of all of that and allows us to automate at scale. DigitalOcean has brought us simplicity and performance. And the best part about it is we don't need to reach out to support. close quote

Matthew Lawrence

VP of Application Development, Rainmaker Digital

Hear from some of the thousands of agencies who run on DigitalOcean

Community & resources

DigitalOcean’s Community Tutorials, Tech Talks, and product docs help you get started quickly. Here are a few of the resources available for our agency community.

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