Posted 2021-08-25 in culture
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As I approach my second anniversary at DigitalOcean, I have even more excitement than on my first day at DO.

The core of what makes DigitalOcean a magical company has stayed the same. We remain focused on our mission to simplify cloud computing so developers and businesses can spend more time creating software that changes the world. Our mission to serve you, our customers, has never been more important to us, and we are all-in for you.

We have made quite a bit of change in the last year to better serve you, we have improved our processes, we have launched new features and products to evolve our capabilities to support your growth. Importantly, we are laying the foundation to be here for you for the next decade, just as we have supported you in our first decade.  

Earlier this year, we were able to provide our founders and early investors with a path to liquidity for their investment by taking DigitalOcean public. We are now set up with significant financial strength and a public investor base that supports the next phase of our story, and we will use these assets to heavily invest to support your growth aspirations.

Over the past two years, I’ve been so lucky to spend time with many of you, to get your perspective on why you came to DO and why you stay, and how we can serve you better. Your feedback has been invaluable to me, as we look to prioritize our initiatives to best meet your needs as you test your ideas and build your businesses on DigitalOcean.

Before ending, I want to acknowledge how hard life has been for us all these past 16 months.  I’m proud that we’ve worked together to support our customers, despite the hardship, including in our own family. Earlier in 2021, we lost two beloved employees, Hollie Haggans and Peeyush Gupta, and I want to thank our team for coming together and surrounding their families with love. During this most difficult time - there’s been no more powerful demonstration by our DigitalOcean team that Love is at our core.

Thank you to our customers and our broader DO team, for making this past year so impactful and rewarding. I look forward to many more together, as we’re just getting started!!

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