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Origin counts on DigitalOcean's reliable service, low bandwidth pricing, and commitment to supporting customers to enable the thriving and rapidly scaling business.

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DigitalOcean's flexible infrastructure allows BreachBits to pass cost savings onto their customers and provide services for both small businesses and enterprises.

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Easysize is an AI-powered clothing fit and size platform. Using DigitalOcean's Managed Kubernetes allows them to focus development on their application while sustaining rapid growth.

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kea is is a voice-based artificial intelligence platform. They switched found the simplicity of DigitalOcean’s solutions, the large library of tutorials, and the support provided to them enabled them to focus more on their business

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Vuukle is a publisher workplace solution that enables content creators to amplify audience engagement. After moving to DigitalOcean, Vuukle was able to scale up while keeping costs low and improving response times.

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With DigitalOcean’s generous bandwidth pricing, efelle rarely thinks about excess bandwidth costs, which has allowed them to offer even more services to their clients without asking them to pay more.

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The Able Few

The Able Few migrated to DigitalOcean from Rackspace because the “costs were astronomical and each new node required a lengthy contract.” After switching, they saw a bump in performance and had more storage available per node at 1/3 of the cost.

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By migrating from AWS to DigitalOcean in 2018, Urlbox cuts its core compute and network costs roughly in half. Today, Urlbox uses a variety of DigitalOcean products, including Managed Kubernetes, Load Balancers, and Container Registry.

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Crave Cookie

Crave Cookie uses DigitalOcean's simple and intuitive platform to bring added efficiency to their operations and pass cost savings along to customers.

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Unicodemy is a nonprofit organization that enables girls to learn to code. DigitalOcean’s easy scalability, transparent pricing, and support from Hollie's Hub for Good helps them grow their nonprofit.

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EMR-Bear is a digital electronic health record service designed for behavioral health organizations. They use DigitalOcean's managed solutions to scale quickly while saving time and headaches for the team.

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Hack The Box

Hack The Box offers advanced training for IT security professionals and hackers through gamified, hands-on experiences. Hack The Box uses DigitalOcean Kubernetes to scale their platform and successfully host thousands of users at a time.

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After spending a frustrating year trying to build their infrastructure on AWS, WPMU DEV began a migration to DigitalOcean, quickly growing to support more than 700,000 clients after doing so.

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Crowd Content

Since spinning up their first Droplet, Crowd Content has seen a 240% increase in customers, their pool of writers has increased by more than tenfold, and they’ve seen a 20% increase in page loading speeds.

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Content Ignite

Since moving to DigitalOcean, Content Ignite’s page loading speeds have increased by 80%, latency has dropped from 200ms to 20ms, and hosting costs have decreased by 90%.

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Digital Stage

Digital Stage is enabling artistic ensembles to rehearse and perform online with DigitalOcean Droplets.

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Project Sitara

Project Sitara provides education resources to students in rural India. Through DigitalOcean's Hollie's Hub for Good program, Project Sitara has been able to count on reliable infrastructure and community support so they can focus on what matters most.

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Cerberus Tech

Cerberus Tech is a global video delivery service that uses IP technology to deliver video content anywhere in the world. Their developers love DigitalOcean's simple API and documentation.

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Adeva is a talent platform that enables work without boundaries. They migrated to DigitalOcean App Platform to reduce their costs and spend less time on managing their infrastructure by using a fully managed solution.

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Atom Learning

Atom Learning provides high-quality education through a fully adaptive online learning platform. After building a monolith, they moved to containerized microservices using DigitalOcean Kubernetes to support their growth.

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While Stablepoint initially built its own data center, they quickly realized this was a distraction from their core mission. After migrating to DigitalOcean, they cut the cost of servers in half and boosted MoM growth by 30%.

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As RouteTrust migrated live production traffic onto the cloud, they said the performance of DigitalOcean’s Droplets was superior to RouteTrust’s own custom-built network.

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Ghost decided to migrate their infrastructure to DigitalOcean based on factors like substantial RAM and scalability – which they achieved with a zero-downtime migration. Here’s how.


When Cloudways migrated to DigitalOcean, they had an unexpectedly pleasant surprise: They saw an increase in lead generation and free trials from DigitalOcean’s community engagement by reaching new audiences who read the tutorials. 

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