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Business-ready Kubernetes

Scale at a moment’s notice with a 99.95% High Availability SLA, free control plane, and low-price bandwidth for CNCF Certified Kubernetes.

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Be ready to scale with 99.95% High Availability Service Level Agreement, free control plane, and inexpensive bandwidth for CNCF Certified Kubernetes.

Basic node

Variable workloads

$10/month per node

  • checkmarkFree control plane
  • checkmarkScale automatically
  • checkmarkContainer registry free up to 500MB
  • checkmarkAdd High Availability for $40/month

CPU-optimized node

Dedicated vCPU

$40/month per node

  • checkmarkIncludes everything in Basic node
  • checkmark2:1 memory-to-CPU ratio
  • checkmarkLess memory-intensive workloads
  • checkmarkLower cost per dedicated vCPU
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General purpose node

Dedicated vCPU

$60/month per node

  • checkmarkIncludes everything in Basic node
  • checkmark4:1 memory-to-CPU ratio
  • checkmarkOptimal for a wide range of workloads

Memory-optimized node

Dedicated vCPU

$80/month per node

  • checkmarkIncludes everything in Basic node
  • checkmark8GB RAM for each vCPU
  • checkmarkAvoid frequently swapping to disk or getting out-of-memory errors

Storage-optimized node

Dedicated vCPU

$155/month per node

  • checkmarkIncludes everything in Basic node
  • checkmarkGuaranteed NVMe
  • checkmark225GB per vCPU (1.5X SSD)
  • checkmark150GB per vCPU (1X SSD)
  • checkmarkChoose up to 7TB of local storage
  • checkmarkLow latency
  • checkmarkHigh number of IOPS
  • checkmarkCapture large amounts of data

That’s right—the DigitalOcean control plane is free

Run your Kubernetes clusters with the powerful DigitalOcean control plane and add the High Availability feature to the control plane for only $40/month.

Read all about DigitalOcean Kubernetes

Pay only for the virtual machines, storage, and services—and get Kubernetes management for free

We only charge for underlying resources including:

Get free monthly bandwidth

DigitalOcean gives every Kubernetes user free bandwidth based on which nodes they use and how often they run, bandwidth pooling, and a low $0.01/GB overage cost.

  • Transfers that are outgoing are considered for bandwidth billing—we won’t charge internal transfers.
  • Pool or add all nodes on your account even if they are internal to increase your free bandwidth per node regardless of usage.
  • Overages above pooled transfer will be charged at a rate of $0.01/GB.

Check out our bandwidth calculator for a deeper look ->

Mix and match node instance types to save and improve performance

Use Kubernetes advanced scheduling features to set the Droplet type your containers will run on.

For example, if you run a memory-bound data processing app, schedule it to Memory-Optimized nodes to avoid hitting memory limits and swapping to disk and schedule lightweight workloads on Basic nodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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