Matching funds offered for Donations given to Bibles for Asia Project

A generous donor from Association ARK AID ( will match all funds given toward our Bibles for Asia project up to $20,000 USD through March 31, 2016.  Funds from this matching donation campaign will be used to provide Bibles (with Hymnal included) for the “L” people, a hill tribal group spread along the mountainous region of China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Burma. Due to security concerns, we are not able to use the full name of this people group at this time.

The “L” people, like the Hmong and other SE Asia hill tribe people, have a long standing oral tradition that promise white men and women from across the sea would bring them a book that told of the one true creator God. When the gospel was first introduced to the “L” people in 1901, they readily accepted Christianity and the Bible as the long promised message and book. Yet today, there are "L" Christians and whole “L” villages in SE Asia who have never seen a Bible in over a hundred years of being identified as Christian!  One "L" Woman writes, "After I became a born again Christian, my life and our family life was totally changed. We prayed together every night, peace came to our family, we loved each other more and more, and we went to the Church every worship service.  But we had one big problem: we did not have a Bible to read in our family. There were no Bibles for any family in our village.  There was only one Bible in the entire village, and that one was in the church.    
It is very difficult to get Bibles in our village and also in country. Our villagers have been praying to have Bibles since 2005."

Biblia Global is dedicated to getting Bibles to Christians like the “L” people who have been waiting for generations for their first Bible.  Please pray that we can see this matching funding opportunity fully realized to help meet this need.  One Bible and Hymnal can be purchased for $5.08.