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Providing awesome customer experiences is a top priority for most businesses. One way to improve customer experience is to improve the performance of your applications and the infrastructure on which your applications run. Monitoring performance allows you to detect problems early, avoid outages, and prevent customer dissatisfaction.

DigitalOcean Monitoring allows you to track infrastructure metrics like CPU usage, disk usage, disk I/O, bandwidth, and memory – all provided at no additional cost. You can set alerts to be notified via email, Slack, or PagerDuty should metrics surpass thresholds that you define. But monitoring your infrastructure only tells half the story; you also need to monitor the apps that run on top of the infrastructure.

Today we’re partnering with SolarWinds™, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, to enable you to create application-level metrics, trace transactions, monitor the performance of individual processes, and drill all the way down to the poor-performing line of code. DigitalOcean customers who sign up for SolarWinds through the links below will have special access to their products at a 20% discount with discount code ‘welcomeDO’.

Application-level metrics report on the performance of individual processes and services in your application and help you understand the state of your software. The following products from SolarWinds are a good match for many DigitalOcean users’ needs:

  • PaperTrail: Log management that installs in seconds and provides instant log visibility with full-text search and the ability to view, pause, and search live event streams.
  • AppOptics: Identify application bottlenecks with distributed tracing, code profiling, exception tracking, custom metrics, and dashboards.
  • Pingdom: Optimize and troubleshoot web application availability and performance.
  • Loggly: Scalable full-stack, multi-source log aggregation that allows you to visualize, search and correlate application event data.

(Note: only PaperTrail and Pingdom support the ‘welcomeDO’ discount code during the signup process.)

SolarWinds products complement the DigitalOcean Monitoring service and empower you to run your applications and infrastructure smoothly. This in turn allows you to deliver awesome customer experiences. If you’re looking for more monitoring and logging services than we provide here at DigitalOcean, we suggest that you give SolarWinds’ products a try.

UPDATE 1/5/2021: We're tracking the news regarding the SolarWinds Orion product. The products we have partnered with SolarWinds to bring to our customers are not part of that compromise, per DHS CISA -

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