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Use this starter kit to quickly implement Kubernetes
author imageBikram Gupta on cloud education • 2022-05-12

Use this starter kit to quickly implement Kubernetes

DigitalOcean’s starter kit for Kubernetes is designed to help organizations save weeks of learning time in bootstrapping a production-ready cluster using curated, open tools with pre-configured examples. 

Introducing DigitalOcean Functions: A powerful serverless computing solution
author imageAnshu Agarwal on product updates • 2022-05-24

Introducing DigitalOcean Functions: A powerful serverless computing solution

DigitalOcean Functions is a fast, scalable, and cost-effective compute solution that enables you to build quickly, scale automatically, and save costs by removing the need to pay for idle resources.

Top use cases for serverless computing
author imageBrittany King on cloud education • 2022-04-27

Top use cases for serverless computing

Discover a few of the most popular use cases for function as a service. Function as a service (FaaS), sometimes simply referred to as serverless computing, focuses on event-driven triggers where code runs in response to events.


New $4 Droplet and updated pricing

DigitalOceanGabe Monroy on news product updates 2022-05-16

Since we introduced Droplets a decade ago, we’ve grown alongs...


Announcing DO Impact

DigitalOceanAdmas Kanyagia on news 2022-04-06

A year ago DigitalOcean joined the Pledge 1% movement, commit...


CSS-Tricks joins DigitalOcean, expanding our commitment to community

DigitalOceanYancey Spruill on news 2022-03-15

I am excited to announce that DigitalOcean has acquired the C...


Forrester Total Economic Impact: Study finds a 200% ROI with DigitalOcean

DigitalOceanPragya Pandey on news 2022-03-09

Builders of all kinds rely on DigitalOcean for its developer-...


Announcing Currents: DigitalOcean's research report on SMBs and the cloud

DigitalOceanRoxana Elliott on news 2021-11-16

DigitalOcean is excited to announce the launch of our latest ...


Join us for deploy, DigitalOcean's virtual conference

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean on news 2021-10-21

Calling all developers! DigitalOcean is preparing for another...


Introducing DigitalOcean's New Chief Product Officer

DigitalOceanGabe Monroy on news 2021-10-19

​​I am honored and humbled that today I have joined DigitalOc...


Nimbella Joins the DigitalOcean Family

DigitalOceanYancey Spruill on news 2021-09-07

I’m excited to share that this morning we announced that we h...


Migrate your workloads to DigitalOcean with confidence

DigitalOceanPragya Pandey on news product updates 2021-07-13

Cloud computing has unlocked many new opportunities for busin...


DigitalOcean becomes a public company

DigitalOceanYancey Spruill on news 2021-03-24

Today is a proud day for all of us here at DigitalOcean. It’s...


DigitalOcean Joins MANRS Initiative to Combat Routing Security Threats

DigitalOceanTim Raphael on news 2020-12-17

Today we are pleased to announce that DigitalOcean has joined...


Monitor your applications on DigitalOcean with SolarWinds

DigitalOceanDaniel Levy on news 2020-12-02

Providing awesome customer experiences is a top priority for ...

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