Simple and reliable cloud website hosting

DigitalOcean offers a simple and reliable cloud hosting solution that enables developers and businesses to get their website or application up and running quickly. Spin up a site quickly with our 1-click apps for Wordpress, Ghost, and other content management systems, or get three free static sites using DigitalOcean App Platform.   

Website hosting with simplicity at its core

DigitalOcean's low pricing, simple UI, and extensive library of documentation and tutorials means you can start hosting your website in just minutes.

open quoteThe reliability we receive from DigitalOcean gives me freedom, because if we're dealing with provider downtime, or unreliable things, then we lose our night or even weekend.close quote

Matthew Lawrence

VP of App Development, Rainmaker Digital

Why customers building websites choose to host on DigitalOcean

Website hosting tools to help you build and scale

DigitalOcean provides all of the infrastructure solutions that website builders need, from compute to managed Kubernetes. Droplets, DigitalOcean’s virtual machines, are the perfect solution for website hosts looking to get started quickly on a flexible cloud hosting solution, and DigitalOcean’s App Platform provides an even faster way to bring your websites to life without worrying about your infrastructure setup. 


Flexible compute

Flexible, simple compute with Droplets virtual machines

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Resources to build your website

DigitalOcean’s in-depth documentation and vast library of tutorials ensures you have all the knowledge you need to build and host your website.

Cloud website hosting FAQs

What cloud website hosting solution is right for me? 

  • DigitalOcean offers a variety of cloud website hosting solutions. Droplets are our flexible, scalable virtual machines. They support Linux applications and are fully customizable to your needs. Droplets start at just $5 and can be scaled vertically by adding resources to your Droplet, or horizontally by deploying multiple Droplets in one data center or across our 14 global data centers. You can add storage and other features to complement your Droplets. App Platform is our fully managed Platform as a Service offering, which allows you to easily spin up a static website or application without having to manage the infrastructure yourself. This solution is ideal for those who want the benefits of DigitalOcean without maintaining their own infrastructure. DigitalOcean also offers services including Managed Kubernetes and Managed Databases for more complex setups. 

What content management systems do you support?

  • DigitalOcean’s Droplets are virtual machines that support any type of content management system. We have 1-Click Marketplace Apps for popular content management systems including Wordpress and Ghost, so you can quickly and easily spin up a Droplet with your favorite content management system already installed. 

How much does your cloud website hosting cost? 

  • DigitalOcean’s pricing is transparent and predictable, and we offer some of the lowest bandwidth pricing in the industry. You can get started with a Basic Droplet for just $5 a month, and be confident that your pricing will stay predictable even as you scale with flat pricing across data centers. DigitalOcean’s App Platform provides you with hosting for 3 static sites for free, and our Basic plan starts at $5 a month. View our full pricing chart here

What are 1-click Marketplace apps? 

  • The DigitalOcean Marketplace allows you to build your websites faster with preconfigured, 1-Click Apps for popular content management systems including Wordpress, Plesk, CyberPanel, Ghost, developer tools such as Docker and Dokku, and databases such a MongoDB and MySQL. These 1-Click Apps are preconfigured environments with all the prerequisites you need to get started, saving you time on your website hosting. 

What support do you offer? 

  • DigitalOcean offers every customer free support through our ticketing system - you’ll get a response from a member of our Customer Support Team who can help you with any questions for no extra charge. In addition, DigitalOcean provides a vast array of documentation and tutorials on how to get started with our products, programming languages, and more. 
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