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the classic song down by the bay provides a wonderful example for children learning the letters x v and f not only will children be given the opportunity to identify these letters but also understand the sounds that they make within the context of a familiar story, in this lesson preschoolers focus on the alphabet by learning the letters l r and k kids are guided through the classic childrens story of the lion and the rat with an accompanying curriculum that targets each childs understanding of the unique sounds these letters make

alphabet dot to dot contains 90 drawings just for kids ages 46 draw a line by following the letters from az dot to dot worksheets build drawing skills fine motor skills and alphabet practice all in one, brachiosaurus connect the dots by capital letters dinosaurs this brachiosaurus connect the dots page features a dot to dot puzzle of a brachiosaurus for kids who , turkey connect the dots by capital letters thanksgiving this turkey connect the dots page features a dot to dot puzzle for thanksgiving this activity worksheet , it was a struggle to create doadot letters because the doadot circles cant overlay exactly where the lines of the letters are many children even fill the circles in randomly using more than one color of marker

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