How To Diy Easy Cardboard Cat Tent

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want to know how to make your very own diy cat tent if you want to give your fur ball a place he or she can call its own then this diy pet project is for you find out how you can make a cat tent with just a few easy steps, furry friends around us are no stranger to spoils from special food to extraordinary toys we do our best to make them happy to reward them for being always positive always playful ready to liven up the atmosphere the following article builds on this extraordinary relationship between us and the furry ones below y, quick and easy diy cat tent with 3 things you have at home by kristian jan 28 2016 diy baking 0 comments we already know that cats and kittens love to sit on things, diy cat tent from a tshirt and a wire hanger pet upcycle is creative inspiration for us get more photo about diy home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page this cat tent is super easy to make you really just need a tshirt some wire hangers and a piece of cardboard as a bonus it really only takes five minutes so if your cat ignores it you didnt put too much effort in

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