Pidigits Mona Lisa Painting

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PIDIGITS Mona Lisa Painting

quality hand painted oil painting repro da vinci portrait of mona lisa original artist leonardo da vinci italy 14791528 this excellent artwork is an 100 handpainted oil on canvas painting, the louvre mona lisa on the other hand was painted on poplar a wood more frequently found in lombardy than tuscany canvas was by 1500 already in use by painters in italy it is known that c14991500 leonardo visited venice via mantua on his return to florence after his sojourn in milan

a master painters journey to recreate the most famous portrait painting in the world a study of old masters oil painting techniques this article documents my journey process and struggle to recreate the mona lisa the most famous portrait painting commission in the world it is a study of classical realism techniques materials and methods of the old masters, mona lisa painting leonardo da vinci 22 painting view similar art mona lisa michael kulick 22 1 65 of 65 mona lisa abstract paintings for sale filters search type keywords keywords title artist name title artist name keyword artist name paintings department wall art, the mona lisas fame is the result of many chance circumstances combined with the paintings inherent appeal there is no doubt that the mona lisa is a very good painting it was highly regarded even as leonardo worked on it and his contemporaries copied the then novel threequarter pose, the painting was presented to the media in 2012 by the mona lisa foundation it is a painting of the same subject as leonardo da vincis mona lisa the painting is claimed by a majority of experts to be mostly an original work of leonardo dating from the early 16th century