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Spectacular Sand Sculptures

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artist simon becks giant somerset beach art its a race against the tide its nine hours of furious work says the artist who is best known for making huge geometric snow designs in the alps with his feet but at least your hands and feet arent cold using just a rake and a compass beck from bracknell in berkshire, race against the tide risking death under huge blocks of ice in this bbc documentary the plight of inuit people and the risks they take to fish for mussels is featured, american artist andres amador has been creating a series of new designs spending hours painstakingly carving giant doodles on a beach near san francisco race against the tide andres amador , registration for the 27th annual against the tide in hopkinton and the 20th annual against the tide on cape cape will open on october 1st above and beyond your commitment to participate in the against the tide event we hope that you will also fundraise on behalf of mbcc and our important mission to change the legacy of breast cancer for future generations participants may register as individuals or enter as a team